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Culture Day

Grades 3/4 & 5/6 were able to enjoy some cultural acts at the Lyle Victor Albert Centre. 

Grade 8 Farewell Tea

Thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate the Grade 8 class. 

Accelerated Reading Reward

Special thanks to the Ardmore Fire Department who brought the water for our water fight - we are so lucky to have such great community volunteers! As well, thank you to the parents who helped get the hot dogs and freezies ready for our classes. 

Grade 5/6 mentoring Kindergarten

So great when our older students can help out with the younger grades. Here they are sharing their computer skills with some Kindergarten kids. Really heartwarming.

Kindergarten Greenhouse Field Trip

Kindergarten students enjoyed a quick trip to Touch of Green greenhouse to learn about plants and flowers. The kids were treated to some candy and a free plant at the end of the tour. 

4-H Active Living Cooking a Healthy Breakfast

4-H Active Living cooked healthy Egg Cups with Ham.

Visit by the School Board Trustees & Superintendent

Grade 5/6 using library commons whiteboard table for math review

Grade 3/4 enjoying lunch with Mr. Pshyk

Grade 5/6 Earth, Moon and Sun orbit demonstration