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Student Belongings Pickup

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Dear Wolf Pack Parents.   
We have devised a plan for the pickup of your student's belongings. We ask that only ONE adult come to the school to retrieve these items. No children permitted. DO NOT bring anything back to the school. Please keep any library books, textbooks or other school supplies, in a safe place, at home for now. You will be advised at a later date, on what to do with them. If you would like someone else to pick up your child's things, the school MUST be advised in advance. Nothing will be released without prior authorization.We are most concerned with everyone's health and safety, so please respect Alberta Health recommendations of social distancing, keeping 2 metres apart from other adults. DO NOT come to the school if you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Please retrieve your items as quickly as possible, entering through our back door, nearest the gym and exit through the fire doors that lead to the parking lot. We will open those doors at 10 am - Monday March 23. Doors will be locked again at 3 pm. Teachers WILL NOT be available to talk at this time. All items not picked up on Monday will be dropped off by your bus driver on Tuesday.


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