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Dr.Seuss Day!

Today we took some time to celebrate one of our favourite authors! A scavenger hunt in the library gave us some biography information about this amazing creator of fun! 

Art Exhibit "From Water to Sky"

"From Water to Sky" art exhibit will be on display in the library from February 27th - March 31, 2020.

Please drop in and enjoy this exhibit which is part of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program.

4H Food Class- Boston Pizza

For our final 4H Foods class, we took a field trip to Boston Pizza in Bonnyville. Our class got a tour of the kitchen and then made our own pizza! Special thanks to Boston Pizza for letting us come - it was a yummy trip! 

Mr. Pshyk Day

Staff and students had fun showing of their Mr. Pshyk outfits and moustaches. 

Gr.4 Science - Simple Machines

Building fun! Learning about the load, effort and fulcrum required in a Class 1,2 or 3 lever. Catapult building at it's finest. 

Toad in the Hole - 4H Foods Fun!

A breakfast favourite that allowed us the chance to practice our flipping skills. Yum! 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters in 4H Foods Class

We would like to shout out a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Sawchuk for providing the 4H Foods class with gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, icing and the treat decorations to create some ugly Christmas sweaters! We had so much fun! What a wonderful treat to receive during the holiday season. 

Scholastic Book Fair News

Pop can Racecars

Grade 4 students were learning about Simple Machines in Science. They had fun building these race cars. 

Soldier Christmas Cards

So incredibly proud of the grade 4 class today. We made some heartfelt Christmas cards to send to soldiers serving abroad this holiday season. ❤️

Gr.4 Social Studies Fun!

This week we are reading about the Grassland region of Alberta. This morning the gr. 4 class made their own hoodoos to add to our elf village. This ties in nicely to our novel study ‘Afternoon of the Elves’ by Janet Taylor Lisle. The hoodoos added a little more imagination to our building creations. It was messy but fun! 

Moustache Day

Staff and students had some fun while supporting men’s health through the Movember campaign. 

Grade 3/4 PE class

Only a little bit of snow didn’t deter the Grade 3/4 PE Class from having fun sledding. 

Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day Ceremony was beautiful and very well attended. Many parents and community members were treated to some moving performances by our students. Thank you to all who came and to the staff and students for dedication to making our ceremony heartfelt and respectful. 

4H Arts & Crafts

Seasonal Arts & Crafts

4H Foods

It was a good day in 4H Foods! We made dirt cups with worms! Yum! 

Waste Reduction Week in Grade 4

Reduce Reuse Recycle Recover Responsibility

Grade 4 has been learning the importance of the 5Rs. Today, they sorted a week’s worth then buried the compost portion that was collected. 

Fire Prevention Week

Thank you to the Ardmore Fire Department for coming to visit us today! 

Grade 5/6 buddies help Kinders enjoy Makerspace activities

Kindergarten kids got a chance to explore some exciting Makerspace activities with the help of their Grade 5/6 buddies. Such joy on their faces. 

World War II Display

Grade Four took some time this morning to check out the living display on World War II in the library. Please feel free to stop by as it is only here for a limited time. Thank-you to Mrs. Seward for ordering the kit so our students could learn by participating in a hands on experience. 

Grades 3 & 4 enjoy warm fall temperatures

While the warm fall weather lasted, the Grades 3 & 4, enjoyed some soccer skills practice and games outside. 

Kindergarten kids try Makerspace

Our littlest students got to try some of our Makerspace activities for the first time. They had a great time trying about 6 different stations. They can’t wait to go back to the library and try some more. 

Gr.3/4 Ukrainian Food Fair

Thank you so much to all the grandparents and parents who joined us today! We appreciate you spending time with us. Special thanks to all who brought food for our final event. It was a delicious meal! 

Full School Evacuation Practice

All students and staff practiced a full school evacuation today. This is practiced in order for all to know what to do if the school had a fire or some other emergency and were not able to return to the school. Everyone walked to the Ardmore Community Hall until the firemen completed a sweep of the school to determine safety. This was a good practice for them as well.

Skipperoos Came to Visit

We all had a great time watching the Skipperoos and some of us had fun participating. Amazing group of athletes. 

Mr. Pshyk teaches about Ukraine

Grade 3/4 are beginning a Social Studies Unit on the Ukraine and Mr. Pshyk was kind enough to bring all his treasures, dress in his finest then give a talk about his Ukrainian heritage. 

Gr.3/4 Peruvian Food Fair

To celebrate the end of our Peru unit we once again sampled some culinary delights. Thank you to the parents who brought dishes and joined us for lunch! 

Earth Week activities

All week Ardmore staff and students have been learning and practicing ways to help our environment. We turned off all non-essential lighting, planted flowers for the bees and butterflies, used recycling materials for crafts, cleaned up garbage exposed by spring thaw and reduced our lunchtime litter. 

Grade 3/4 Curling with Ardmore Seniors

Ardmore Senior Citizens very generously offered to show the Grade 3/4 class how to floor curl. It was very fun for everyone.

Farmer Day

4-H Sponsored Farmer Day. All members earned diary points while having some fun dressing in their farm clothes.

Shamrock Shakes

4-H Executive members made, delivered and cleaned up after blending 91 green minty shamrock shakes. The shakes were met with rave reviews. 

CNRL donation

CNRL donated a very generous amount of money to help build our outdoor classroom. Thank you so much. 

Gr.3/4 Social Studies - Food Fair.

Today we celebrated the end of our unit on India with a delicious food fair! Thank you to all the parents who provided a dish for the event. Students had the opportunity to sample dishes that were sweet and spicy! It was super yummy! 

Tie Day to honour Mr. Pshyk

Tie Day to honour Mr. Pshyk

4-H sponsored Spirit Day. Participating 4-H members earned diary points.


World Junior A Hockey Challenge

Grade 3/4 to watch 2 Ardmore flag bearers and a fantastic game of Junior A Hockey. USA vs Russia with Russia pulling out a win in the last minute of the game. 

Great day for sledding.

Warm temperatures makes it the perfect day for sledding at recess. 

A Taste of Tunisia

The Gr.3/4 class enjoyed some dishes from Tunisia as part of their Social Studies unit. 

Movember Moustache Day

Everyone wearing moustaches today donated money for the Movember campaign supporting men’s health. Just have to smile looking at all these happy moustached faces. 

New 4-H Executive & Project Reps

Grade 3/4 Science

The grade 3/4 class building models of the earths layers out of play dough.

Woods Option Class

Grade 7/8 class building projects with volunteers!

Camo Day

All grades participated in camo Day with 4-H members in Grades 4-8 earned diary points for wearing anything camo. Another fun spirit day. 

4-H Colour Day

Every member of the school community was invited to join in with showing off some green. 4-H members earned diary points for participating. 

Culture Day

Grades 3/4 & 5/6 were able to enjoy some cultural acts at the Lyle Victor Albert Centre. 

Grade 8 Farewell Tea

Thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate the Grade 8 class. 

Accelerated Reading Reward

Special thanks to the Ardmore Fire Department who brought the water for our water fight - we are so lucky to have such great community volunteers! As well, thank you to the parents who helped get the hot dogs and freezies ready for our classes. 

Grade 5/6 mentoring Kindergarten

So great when our older students can help out with the younger grades. Here they are sharing their computer skills with some Kindergarten kids. Really heartwarming.

Kindergarten Greenhouse Field Trip

Kindergarten students enjoyed a quick trip to Touch of Green greenhouse to learn about plants and flowers. The kids were treated to some candy and a free plant at the end of the tour. 

4-H Active Living Cooking a Healthy Breakfast

4-H Active Living cooked healthy Egg Cups with Ham.

Visit by the School Board Trustees & Superintendent

Sunglasses & Picnic Day

4-H sponsored event. Participating members earned diary points. 

Staff & students wore sunglasses & hats then enjoyed a whole school picnic outside on the playground.