Scenario 1: In-school classes

All students are required to complete the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist before coming to school each day and follow the direction provided in the document if they answer "Yes" to any of the questions.



Gr.4 Waste and Our World

Waste in our World Science Unit -The Grade 4 Class participated in the National Waste Reduction Week Challenge. Our garbage was collected for the entire week then sorted and organized into various categories. A total of 11 bags were collected - with 7 bags that could be recycled. We checked out some Red Wriggler decomposers and at the end of the week gave them some treats from our compost bin. Reduce, reuse and recycle! 

Grade 8 Drive By Farewell

What a great bunch of kids! We wish each and every one of them good luck in their next school and all the best for the future.

Property Clean Up Day May 1

Earth Day

We surprised the students with some fun envelopes delivered to their houses. They were instructed not to open them until April 22 - Earth Day. Some had to wait a whole week!! Inside was a bag of bird seed and some fun bird feeders to make at home. 

Easter Egg Activity

Since it was Easter time, we challenged students to create a decorated paper egg.

Wolf Pack Waffle/Pancake Day at home

We had some fun with National Pancake Day from home.

Snow Day from Home

Lots of snow the night before so we challenged the students to send us photos of what they were doing in the snow.

St.Patrick's Day

Even though staff and students couldn't be together for St.Patrick's Day, we had some fun dressing up and creating different Irish items.

Dr.Seuss Day!

Today we took some time to celebrate one of our favourite authors! A scavenger hunt in the library gave us some biography information about this amazing creator of fun! 

4H Food Class- Boston Pizza

For our final 4H Foods class, we took a field trip to Boston Pizza in Bonnyville. Our class got a tour of the kitchen and then made our own pizza! Special thanks to Boston Pizza for letting us come - it was a yummy trip! 

Mr. Pshyk Day

Staff and students had fun showing of their Mr. Pshyk outfits and moustaches. 

Toad in the Hole - 4H Foods Fun!

A breakfast favourite that allowed us the chance to practice our flipping skills. Yum! 

Moustache Day

Staff and students had some fun while supporting men’s health through the Movember campaign. 

Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day Ceremony was beautiful and very well attended. Many parents and community members were treated to some moving performances by our students. Thank you to all who came and to the staff and students for dedication to making our ceremony heartfelt and respectful. 

New 4-H Executive & Project Reps