4-H Options Initiative

Students participate in 4-H projects for the year.

Ardmore School is proud to partner with 4-H Alberta to provide an exciting option program at our school. Students in grades 4-8 are all 4-H members and participate in 4-H projects as their options for the year. Some of the options experienced will be Outdoorsman, Crafts, Pets, Leadership, Photography, Performing Arts, Exploring 4-H, and Business Cents.

Student’s Union operates as a Student’s Union/4-H Executive. Students who wished to become 4-H Executive members were required to present a speech to the grade 4-8 student body, who then voted for their executive. Students who are on the Student’s Union/4-H Executive will be expected to be in good academic standing and demonstrate leadership in the school by setting themselves apart from others in this manner.